The Benefits of an HR Cleanup

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Summer is the perfect time for an annual HR cleanup. The end of the year and the beginning of the new year are extremely hectic for businesses in most industries. Over time, policies, processes, and daily routines get “dusty” as regulations change, employee shifts, and technology updates. So, take advantage of this time to ensure your general HR components are up-to-date and organized efficiently.

Here are different items you can focus on during your HR cleanup this summer.

Employee Files
Go through all of your current employee files and remove any employee files that are no longer with the company to a secured storage location. Update the contact information and emergency contact information for each current employee. As well as update new job titles and salaries, if applicable.

If you are still using paper for your forms, documentation and employee onboarding also put on your HR list to look into an HR digital software that modernizes your HR process and presents employees with a better HR experience.

Employee Reviews
As you and department supervisors have employee reviews throughout the year, confirm that all notes/documentation is thorough, organized and prepared for the next round of employee reviews. This is also a great time to check and see if there are any employees that have not received their review yet this year to ensure it gets scheduled before year-end.

Company Handbook
Review and modify your existing employee handbook with any company updates. A golden rule is to provide the most updated version of the handbook at the beginning of year new year. Doing this now gives you time to review, revise and publish for the new year.

If you do not have any a company handbook in place, take the time to create your company handbook now.

If you have an internship program at your company, ensure all paperwork is correctly filed with their start and end date as well as notes about their performance and future career goals. Interns are great candidates for entry-level positions and it is extremely helpful to have this documentation on file to cross-reference when you are recruiting for a new position.

In addition, discuss with each department their needs for interns next year and put the steps into place to recruit and onboard new interns.

Job Applications
It is beneficial to have all applications, resumes, cover letters and any other items that are provided from job applicants stored together for future reference. This is also a great time to confirm that you have a system in place that communicates with applicants that are not hired that the position has been filled.

Time Off Structure
Depending on your company’s time off structure, it is highly beneficial to track the amount of time off each employee is entitled and track any changes with their time off. If your company structure is based on a certain time at the company, ensure any employee who meets the next level of time off is noted for the year to come. Also, this time of year lets you review your current structure and determine any modifications you may want for next year.

Overall HR Process
As Q4 gets closer, take a step back and review your general HR process and policy. Determine strengths, challenges, changes needed and any new policies that will be applied in the year to come. If you are considering outsourcing your HR, September-November is the crucial months to find the company that best suits your needs, company culture. This gives adequate transition time to have your new HR process in place for the new year.

Taking time to go through and revisit as well as organize your HR policies, documentation and processes now can help set you up for a successful end of the year and the beginning of a new year. Make this an annual task and prioritize the HR items that may cause challenges or headaches down the road if not properly documented and organized.

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