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We all owe it to ourselves and our teammates to strive to be our best day in and day out. Ever feel totally beat at the end of a long day at the office? We’ve all been there. I’d like to share a few pointers on what has helped keep myself and previous fitness clients motivated, energized, and prepared for our days.


  • Keep our team strong and mentally sound
  • Create support network-community
  • Improve our focus and stamina

Nick’s Top 5 ways to get the best out of yourself every day!


Check in the night before/morning of

Start your mental preparation for Monday morning the night before. This helps your brain start to focus and sleep on important tasks that can keep us from feeling scattered brain coming right out of the gate.

  • Write down your top priorities before bed
    • I lay mine on my sink counter or where I eat breakfast in the am
    • Label them 1-5 or 1-10; always do the hardest task first
  • Lay out your work/exercise clothes
    • If you like a morning run/workout, lay out your workout clothes so it’s a breeze to get ready;
    • Lay out your work clothes too so you’re not rushed to find what to wear for the occasion either
      • This is the first step in discipline and accountability
  • Always make your bed
    • If you follow Navy SEAL training, this is a critical step in completing the first of many task for the day
    • Great habit and it immediately releases dopamine to get you going for the day

Take mini breaks in between major task at work

Allow your brain and body to recharge. Making 50-100 calls a day and hearing a lot of rejection, voicemails, or “sorry we just don’t like change” is mentally tough. Spending several hours a day sitting at your desk working on a project or data entry…also very taxing.

Here’s a few tips to recharge:

  • Take a quick 5 min break
    • Get up from your desk and walk around.
    • Go outside and enjoy the sunshine.
      • Vitamin D is one of the best sources of natural energy; give yourself a boost now that Spring is in the air
      • I like to ride my bike around lunch on the old horse trails behind the neighborhood.
    • Walk up and down the stairs or if you’re at home like me, walk to the mailbox and back.
  • Take a Screen break
    • Try to stay away from your phone/computer to give your eyes a break
    • Read/listen to a book
    • Go talk to a coworker about a project/solution to a problem
  • Play an office game
    • Looks like y’all have a ping pong table
    • Challenge a teammate to a card game or something fun
    • Set a timer so you don’t get carried away with the whole day…

Whatever brings you joy and increases your serotonin levels!!

Mind Reset

Having one of those bad days? Does everything seem to irritate you? We’re human. Not everyday can be the best. Don’t try cutting me off in traffic! Thank you for remote work. That stress reflects in our voices, our attitudes towards coworkers and customers. Here’s a quick mind hack:

  • Remove yourself from the situation
    • Take a moment away; catch a few deep breaths; to pause and think
    • Don’t overreact to a stressful situation
      • angry customer, teammate ripping into you, etc
    • Acknowledge, explain next steps, move on
  • Meditate
    • During one of your mini breaks, find a quiet space to check in and reflect
      • Ask yourself why the situation occurred; what could’ve been done better
      • Create a follow up plan
      • Give yourself a pat on the back
    • Where are you emotionally and how is this affecting others?
  • Attitude check
    • Check your attitude at the door
      • 1st thing in the morning before you walk out the door or drive off in your car
    • Have a mantra to repeat every morning that will keep you in a positive mindset
    • Listen to your favorite music/radio playlist
      • Jam out!!

Exercise and take care of your physical health

Not a morning runner or gym goer? All of us don’t have that luxury nor interests. However, taking care of our physical health has a direct correlation to our performance at work. Here are a few pointers:

  • Find an accountability partner
    • Talk to a coworker about taking mini breaks together to go on a walk
    • Keep building each other up along the way in your journey
  • Take your lunch break out on a nearby trail
    • Try to walk at least 15 min per day
    • Science has proven to show tremendous advantages in those who partake in light to moderate activity consistently
  • Get up and stretch!
    • Don’t feel awkward stretching in front of your coworkers
    • Go to the meeting room and stretch out those legs and low back
      Sitting for too long has been shown to lock up your muscles which creates more stress in your body

Completely disconnect at the end of the day

Always make time for yourself; regardless of the amount of tasks that need to be done for growth. It’s important not to burn yourself out.

  • Don’t do anything related to work
    • Hobbies/interests
    • Book club/super club
  • Watch tv; white noise
  • Phone a friend

The important thing here is to make sure your mind has time to relax and unwind. I like to go to a nature preserve without my phone in my pocket or turn it off. Do something you enjoy! Connect with nature, friends, family, and everything that gives you purpose in life.

Stay driven my friends!



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