Improve your payroll and HR offering in less than 30 days

guHRoo’s white label payroll software and HR tools help you offer more value to your clients and grow your payroll bureau.

"Onboarding was a breeze and having friendly and capable support staff a call away makes everything run smoothly."

Kevin Patten,

Central Carolina Community Foundation

white label payroll software trusted by hundreds of small businesses

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white label payroll software and partnership options

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Want to simplify how you offer payroll?

With guHRoo you can offer your clients easy payroll and HR solutions, access to HR experts, compliance support, and a lot more. White label payroll software built for you and your clients.


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how payroll companies get more done.

more than 400 small businesses trust guHRoo to handle their payroll

"guHRoo handles our Payroll and HR, allowing us to focus on our core competencies. I'd wholeheartedly recommend them to other businesses. Their software platform makes handling HR and payroll issues a snap."

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Drew Varner


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Frequently Asked Questions

What states do you serve?

We serve all 50 states. Our software is designed to pay and file taxes in all 50 states and we have HR professionals on staff that keep up with all HR regulations so you can focus on more important things.

How long does it take to get started?

Depending on which option you choose, we could have you up and running in as soon as two days up to 30 days. We work with your team to make sure you are trained on your resources and how to get the most out of your partnership with guHRoo.

What is the difference between the three models?

It is pretty simple;

  • Referral – we sell, we serve.
  • Reseller – you sell, we serve.
  • White Label – you sell, you serve.

We are the tax agent in all models. Let’s talk about which one is the best for you and your clients.

Why you should we offer white label payroll software through guHRoo?

When you offer payroll through guHRoo you not only have white label payroll software, you also have access to a team of experts that have grown their own payroll bureau. You won’t be getting sold, you will get solid advice and learn from people who have done what you want to do.

We also remove the liability and ease to get started by handling tax filing and ACH for you.

Use the same tools we use to serve hundreds of small businesses

Payroll does not have to be so complicated. We can help you simplify the process.

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We couldn’t find easy-to-use white label payroll software. So we built it.

I thought that all of the white label payroll software systems could do the job. We just needed to pick one and run. Boy, was I wrong. The wrong payroll and HR software can destroy the payroll side of your business.

We built this software with both the small business and the payroll bureau in mind.

We know that your client’s time AND your staff’s time are both precious. Our tools will help you to get the most out of both.

In the last eight years, we have helped more than 500 small businesses automate their payroll and HR. We want to share the same systems, processes, and tools we used to do that with you. Book a demo and let’s talk about it.


Matt Vaadi

CEO & Founder of guHRoo