Payroll & HR Outsourcing Questions

guHRoo (formerly ERG) FAQs Questions

What businesses and industries do you work with?

We generally work with small to midsize businesses in Columbia, Charleston, Greenville and throughout South Carolina. We work with any industry and profession, including doctors/dentists, legal services, non-profits, tech companies, professional services and more.

What makes you different?

Three things combined make us different. Our “high-tech, high-touch” support model, combined with our Mission (we give 5% of our company away to non-profits that support the homeless and education), and our Collaborative HR model that allows us to become an extension of your team. We take the HR burden off your plate in an elegant and unique fashion.

Do I have to outsource everything?

No, you choose the different HR solutions that make sense for your company. At any point, we can adjust your outsourcing services to ensure your HR needs are effectively covered.

How Does The Process Work

Is my HR support team local?

Yes, your team is located right here in Columbia, South Carolina and is available during normal office business hours.

How does customer support work?

You get a dedicated team to handle your account. This includes a dedicated HR Guide and dedicated Payroll Guide. You can call, email or directly chat with us for any of your payroll or HR needs.

Are employees allowed to contact the support team?

Yes, in our Outsourced HR model, our team of HR experts works directly with the administration as well as the employees so the business owner does not have to be the middleman.