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get to know guhroo. hr and payroll specialists focused on you, your employees, your company, and making a lasting impact.

“onboarding was a breeze and having friendly and capable support staff a call away makes everything run smoothly.”

kevin patten,

central carolina community foundation

About Us

guHRoo provides payroll with a purpose. What does that mean? Not only do we provide personalized support, exceptional hr expertise, and accurate payroll services powered by our own top-of-the-line software, but we also work to serve and better our community at the same time.

How do we do that?

Five percent of guHRoo goes to charity. three percent of all revenue, one percent of all time, and one percent of all product.
We’re not just here for you and your business, we’re here for the community that helped you build it.


about your hr guides

Your HR Guides are committed to simplifying your day-to-day with collaborative HR solutions and payroll services in Columbia, South Carolina. A combination of expertise with a progressive mindset give you the best of both worlds.

HR Company CEO

Matt Vaadi


HR Business Partner

Amanda Volz

Senior HR Business Partner

HR Company Director

Kate Vaadi

Finance Director

Director of Client Success

Jason Gullett

Director of Client Success

Payroll Tax Specialist

Jasmine Ruffin

Payroll Tax Specialist

Marketing and Event Coordinator

Brooke Burris

Marketing and Events Coordinator

Marketing Director

KB Burgoyne

HRO Team Lead

Jenna Oechslin

Jenna Oechslin

Implementation Specialist

Jenna Oechslin

Ryxzanielle Carbungco

Marketing Specialist

Jenna Oechslin

Zach Lawley

Director of Business Development

Jenna Oechslin

Kelsey Busch

 Payroll Specialist

Jenna Oechslin

Nick Ferrell

Account Executive

Jenna Oechslin

Angelica Trail

Administrative Assistant