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better retain your employees and volunteers with a structured onboarding program.

"onboarding was a breeze and having friendly and capable support staff a call away makes everything run smoothly."

brenna aschleman

executive director, daybreak

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streamline employee and volunteer onboarding

Ensure a smooth onboarding experience for your employees and volunteers with this comprehensive checklist. It helps you cover all essential steps to make a great first impression and ensure your team is prepared.

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foster engagement from the start

Engage your people early by participating in key activities that make them feel welcomed and informed from the beginning.

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simplify administrative tasks

Reduce administrative burdens with our onboarding checklist. It guides you through essential paperwork and procedures, making the onboarding process efficient and stress-free.

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Why is onboarding important for volunteers and employees?

Onboarding is crucial for both volunteers and employees as it sets the foundation for their experience with your organization. For volunteers, it helps them understand their roles, responsibilities, and how they contribute to the mission. For employees, it ensures they are well-informed about the organization’s culture, policies, and their specific duties. A well-structured onboarding process can lead to higher engagement, satisfaction, and retention by making individuals feel welcomed, supported, and motivated from the start.

How often should the onboarding checklist be updated?

The onboarding checklist should be reviewed and updated regularly to stay relevant and effective. Ideally, it should be updated at least once a year or whenever there are significant changes in your organization’s procedures, policies, or roles. Regular updates ensure that both new volunteers and employees receive the most accurate and helpful information, contributing to a smoother and more efficient onboarding experience.

How long should the onboarding process take for volunteers and employees?

The duration of the onboarding process can vary based on the complexity of the role and the organization’s requirements. For volunteers, the process might last a few days to a week, focusing on role-specific training and orientation. For employees, it could extend to a few weeks, covering in-depth training, policy understanding, and integration into the team. The onboarding process should be thorough yet concise, providing enough time for individuals to feel confident in their roles without being overwhelmed. It’s important to ensure that each step is clear and that volunteers and employees have ample opportunity to ask questions and receive support.

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