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"to have access to a database that gives me access to everything from forms and templates to somebody i can reach out to has been a huge advantage for us as an organization"

brennan aschleman

executive director, daybreak

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Don’t waste time spending hours preparing for your performance reviews. Grab these free, useful templates to not only boost efficiency but improve your performance review process.

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What does the performance review packet include? Every performance review template you need.

Sample performance review questions

Employee performance evaluation template

Performance improvement plan template

What makes for a good performance review process?

Good performance management is a dynamic partnership, fueled by clear goals, continuous feedback, and a focus on development. It's about aligning individual aspirations with organizational objectives, having regular, open conversations that encourage growth, and offering personalized pathways to unlock potential. By ditching judgment and focusing on growth, you empower your team to reach new heights, transforming performance management from a rigid routine into a catalyst for individual and collective success.

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Crafting a High-Impact Performance System:

Aligning individual goals with company objectives, embracing diverse metrics, and empowering your team with personalized development plans are the keys to a performance system that fuels success.

Feedback is fuel

Forget the annual review monologue – replace it with a continuous dialogue. Honest, constructive feedback, delivered with empathy and respect, is the fuel that propels development. This two-way street allows for open communication, where both managers and employees feel empowered to share insights and concerns, fostering a culture of trust and psychological safety.

Team Building

Celebrate Success

Effective performance review processes recognize achievements, big and small.. This celebration isn’t a one-time finale, but a continuous shower of appreciation that boosts morale and ignites the desire to excel. Every contribution deserves recognition, fueling the drive to keep the performance vibrant and the team thriving.

Unleash Potential: The Performance Management Payoff

Performance reviews are so much more than metrics. They fuel employee engagement, boost productivity, foster career growth, and align your team with strategic goals. Revisit your performance review process for positive payoff.

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