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The team at guHRoo (formerly ERG) Payroll & HR work tirelessly to provide exceptional service to their clients. Not only can we depend on them to provide quality support in this important area of our work but they have fun while they do it and they give back to the communities in which we live and work. This is a win all the way around. I would recommend guHRoo (formerly ERG) to any business looking for payroll and HR support.

Brennan Aschleman

We partnered with guHRoo (formerly ERG) Payroll & HR in January. Their team is awesome! The level of responsiveness has allowed me to focus on the day to day operations of the business and not have to worry about the details of payroll processing and HR. They have become an important part of the KRJC Team.

Karen Jenkins

guHRoo (formerly ERG) handles our Payroll and HR, allowing us to focus on our core competencies. I’d wholeheartedly recommend them to other businesses. Their software platform makes handling HR and payroll issues a snap.

Andrew Varner

I have worked with guHRoo (formerly ERG) for almost 3 years and they have been very responsive as well as diligent in taking care of our payroll and HR needs. I would highly recommend them!

Wayne M
Matt and the team are responsive and engaged as the payroll and HR support team for our company.
Ken Tamsin

The guHRoo (formerly ERG) team continues to exceed our expectations.

David Hine

Honestly, we feel as if, as a company, guHRoo (formerly ERG) has gotten the short end of the stick! These people have gone metes and bounds to do the little tasks we do not have time to do, or the prior knowledge to understand/fix. More than once, we have been down to minutes away from a deadline, and the members of guHRoo (formerly ERG) have “swooped in” and saved the day. They have gotten a feel for our company and have come to have a great understanding of who we are and how we work, and because of this, they easily notice anything that seems as if it is an error– whether it be with personnel issues, timecards, or otherwise.

guHRoo (formerly ERG) has helped us more than we had even initially hoped. They have really been the payroll/HR dream come true.

Sarah McCants

guHRoo (formerly ERG) is an absolutely excellent choice for anyone looking to outsource payroll duties.

I am the new owner of a small business and needed a payroll service that was knowledgeable, efficient, and most of all, willing to answer my questions. guHRoo (formerly ERG) has far exceeded my expectations in every way.

We are a very small business but have always been treated like a million dollar client.

They are literally available 24/7 to answer questions and concerns. I know this for a fact because Matt has answered emails from me at all hours and is always kind and efficient in addressing my concerns and questions.

guHRoo (formerly ERG) Made the start up of our new business much easier by taking away the stress that is typically associated with payroll responsibilities. Thanks

Robin F

As a fast growing technology solutions company, we are increasingly in need of HR expertise and
counsel to navigate today’s highly complicated and time consuming mine field of government compliance. guHRoo (formerly ERG) brings that solid support and has proven to be accessible whenever we need them.

guHRoo (formerly ERG) offers full service with knowledgeable consultants to a broad range of customers, yet gives me the feeling that I am their most important customer because of the regular follow up and personal interest in supporting my business.

Having guHRoo (formerly ERG) support, I am free to spend my time growing my business and nurturing our customer relationships.

Vivian O

I would highly recommend partnering with guHRoo (formerly ERG). The payroll, HRIS system, and job applicant tracking systems are convenient, security safe, and a complete and simple solution for our company needs. All systems are easy to use and deliver a professional image to our employees at an affordable price.

Pam Cody

Our company has tripled in size since originally signing with guHRoo (formerly ERG). During this growth, guHRoo (formerly ERG) was instrumental in partnering with us to provide a great product for our employees.

The best part about guHRoo (formerly ERG) is the personal service. When you call, you get a real person, and the person you speak with is the same person. So, the representative knows YOU and knows your business. ERG is always responsive, and we know we can count on them to provide timely service. ERG cares about our employees as much as we do.

Sandy McGuckin

I researched 4 different companies, and what guHRoo (formerly ERG) offered surpassed all of the others.

My overall experience with them would be a 10 on a scale of 1-10. Their responsiveness is immediate.

If you choose guHRoo (formerly ERG), you will not be disappointed.

Jennifer Rains

We were using a payroll company that was so large we were only a number. My office recently began using guHRoo (formerly ERG). They are very personable and efficient. We do not feel like a number, and can always reach a person that knows us when we call their office. I would recommend them to anyone.

Pat H

We were using a payroll company that was so large we were only a number. My office recently began using guHRoo (formerly ERG). They are very personable and efficient. We do not feel like a number, and can always reach a person that knows us when we call their office. I would recommend them to anyone.

Pat H

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