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“When [guHRoo] got involved, what we recognized very quickly is we knew we were going to get quality payroll services and that was going to allow us to be able to just have a more seamless process as it relates to taking care of payroll on a week to week basis. What we didn’t realize we were gonna get was the level of customer service that were provided on a regular basis, as well as the HR services that have come along with it.”

Brennan Aschleman

Executive Director of Daybreak Ministries

“Our checks were being handwritten. Our payroll was being calculated by one of my employees in house, and then I was writing all of the paychecks for the doctors. So, that was about five hours every two weeks. So, they’ve saved me at least 40 hours a month. Now I can have my staff in more productive positions instead of using their time to do payroll, and it’s also really nice to know that I have people who know what they’re doing, keeping us compliant legally.”

Dr. Carly Chapman

Owner of Columbia Foot Clinic

“As far as our HR process, the biggest difference is there is one. So, there definitely was not one before. And to me, I kind of categorize it as like, [guHRoo] takes care of the things that I don’t want to be spending my time on, like payroll and handling paid time off and things like that. And then there’s all the extra things that are really helping us learn how to build our culture.”

Patrick Strubbe

Founder and Owner of Preservation Specialists LLC

“One of the things that I have also come to really appreciate about [guHRoo] is the attitude of ‘we’ll take care of it.’ In other words, I can describe something in plain English that we’re dealing with or that we need help on from an HR standpoint and usually the response is something like, ‘we’ll take care of that,’ or ‘we’ll handle that,’ or ‘we’ll fix that,’ or ‘you’ll hear from us soon with an email on what you need to do.’”

John Barnes

President and CEO of Pendleton Street Advisors

“Bringing [guHRoo] on board for us has been the best thing we could have ever done as a small business. The customer support we receive from them is outstanding. Our associates love interacting with the support team because they make it so easy. Matt and his team have gone above and beyond and have helped us navigate through these hard times with Covid 19, Payroll taxes, PPP loans and work place safety precautions. The Networking you gain access to from ERG is amazing. As a small business owner I can honestly say this is the best option for us and our company. Their whole staff is awesome and are always willing to help. Don’t hesitate to make the move. It’s affordable and well worth it. This service pays for itself, honestly! Thanks to Matt and all his team for making my life and our employees life easier.”

Marco Ramirez

COO Marco Specialties

‘I have trusted [guHRoo] with my business for over 3plus years and have been very pleased. Our previous big company had issue after issue that they would then charge us to fix their problems. We discussed with Matt our problems on the front end and we were able to customize our payroll needs with [guHRoo], the bookkeeper, the tax attorney and the 3rd Party Administrators so I could focus on treating my patients. Matt is always quick to respond, willing to get the job done right how you want it and as quickly as possible. We were lucky to find [guHRoo]!’

William Gillespie

William Gillespie and Associates, Inc.


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