Comprehensive HR Audit Services

is your hr a ticking time bomb? one mistake could cost you millions. don’t let hr uncertainty cripple your growth. invest in confidence and unlock limitless potential.

actionable hr action plan:
our experts craft a custom roadmap to optimize your hr practices and unleash explosive growth.

bulletproof compliance:
sleep soundly knowing you're protected from legal landmines with updated policies and practices.

employee engagement improvement:
improve morale and focus on a vibrant culture and streamlined processes.

How it Works

Stop the HR guessing game. Our HR Experts will get a deep understanding of your organization with four intensive diagnosis sessions, pinpointing vulnerabilities in:

  • Compensation:

    Are you attracting and retaining top talent with competitive pay and benefits?

  • Hiring:

    Is your onboarding process smooth and engaging?

  • Culture:

    Is your company humming with vibrant energy or plagued by negativity?

  • ...and more!

    We cover 13 critical areas to ensure your HR foundation is rock-solid.

trusted by hundreds of small business

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Don’t wait for an HR disaster

HR problems can be detrimental to your team and your finances. Secure your peace of mind and unlock limitless potential with our comprehensive hr audit services.

Get HR Advice in every area

We don’t just do the basics. We look at hiring, compensation, benefits, termination and offboarding, employee classification, policies, employee relations, education and training, performance management, culture, HR strategy, employee files, and processes.

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Take advantage of custom HR documents

Our HR guHRoos will create the 5 most-needed HR files for your business, like performance management templates, offer letters, new hire documents, and more. We plug in where you’ll reap the most benefits.

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Get the local support you deserve

Don’t waste your time waiting on hold with large, national companies. We take the time to truly get to know you and your business and offer unique, specific advice.

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Find out what you don’t know

We hear it all the time: “I don’t know what I don’t know.” HR problems can be lurking – and you may have no idea. No need to panic. Our comprehensive HR audit process takes a deep dive into your unique situation.

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pricing overview



what’s included:

  • Four Diagnosis Sessions with an HR Expert
  • HR Action Plan and Review Session
  • Custom HR Documents*
  • Labor Law Posters
  • Employee Handbook Consultation
  • Custom Employee Handbook
  • Benefits Benchmark Report

optional add-ons

  • Additional Handbooks (for other EIN’s) – $1,000 each
  • Additional Custom Documents – $100 – $250 each
  • Additional consulting – $250/ hr

join hundreds of small businesses attracting and retaining top talent by improving their hr

Find out what you’re missing out on with hr audit services conducted by experts.

small businesses work with big companies because they don’t realize better options exist

You did what you thought you were supposed to. You signed up with one of the big national payroll companies. They sold you on great support and then you never saw your sales rep again

Most small businesses need two things from their payroll provider:

  1. You can’t attract and retain top talent without a well-developed company culture.
  2. You can’t create one without the help of a dedicated HR guide.

That’s why we built guHRoo

to give small businesses a solution that was built just for them. A solution to help you grow. In the last eight years, we have helped more than 500 small businesses automate their payroll and HR. I’d love for you to give us a try and experience the guHRoo difference


Matt Vaadi

CEO & Founder of Guhroo


Frequently Asked Questions

How many employees does your average client have?

We have companies on our systems ranging from one to 10,000 employees but our sweet spots vary based on the solution.

For example; our Executive Payroll & HR model might be the perfect fit for a 25-employee company with no internal HR resources and also a great fit for a 200-employee company that only has one HR person and needs some supplemental help and systems. We pride ourselves on meeting you at your point of need and not selling you things you don’t need.

What businesses and industries do you work with?

We generally work with small to midsize businesses with between 10 and 150 employees. We work primarily with professional service companies, doctors/dentists, legal services, non-profits, tech companies, real estate, and more.

What makes you different?

Three things combined make us different. Our “high-tech, high-touch” support model, combined with our Mission (we give 5% of our company away to non-profits that support the homeless and education), and our collaborative HR model allows us to become an extension of your team. We take the HR burden off your plate in an elegant and unique fashion. You wrap all of that up with a 97% client satisfaction rate and a NPS of over 70, and we are tough to beat!

Is my HR support team local?

That depends on where you are! If you are in SC – yes, your team is located right here in Columbia, South Carolina and is available during normal office business hours.

If you are in another state, your team is a quick Zoom, telephone call, or chat away. We pride ourselves on being a “national company with a local feel”.

How does customer support work?

You get a dedicated team to handle your account. Depending on your solution, this could include a dedicated HR Business Partner and a dedicated Payroll Guide. You can call, email or directly chat with us for any of your payroll or HR needs. All of our implementations are overseen by our Director of Client Success to make sure your experience is as smooth as possible.