hr solutions for financial services

invest in your hr

working with financial companies to offer hr solutions for financial services, to help lower HR costs, and increase company growth from the inside out.

"Onboarding was a breeze and having friendly and capable support staff a call away makes everything run smoothly."

Kevin Patten,

Central Carolina Community Foundation

South Carolina nonprofit payroll services guHRoo

hr solutions for financial services make hr your biggest asset

we provide high-tech and high-touch hr solutions for financial services firms. your first investment should be in your employees without having the hr headaches land on the partners and associates. our collaborative hr services will help you attract and retain top talent, stay hr compliant and provide error-free payroll solutions. plus, you will have direct support from your dedicated hr guide with no call-center or wait times.

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where finance and hr meet

financial services rely on their reputation, trusted services and word of mouth which all go back to the employees. not providing a solid hr foundation presents employee liabilities and hr risks. make hr your biggest asset with our full-service hr program. this provides employee onboarding, hr management, benefits packages and payroll processing to give you the hr solutions your financial service firm needs.
did you know that outsourcing your hr can cost more than 50% less than an internal hr position or department?
calculate the cost of your time that is dedicated solely on payroll and hr, then calculate the value this time would have being spent on where it should be, potential investments. making big decisions and commitments such as outsourcing hr can be hard to justify, but the impact it can have for you, your team and the company is far greater than the monetary investment.

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hr solutions for financial services

avoid the liabilities, risks and assets you don’t have time to worry about.

you focus on your investments, while we handle the hr.

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Support You Need

have an actual team of hr guides available that you can rely on without the wait times and time differences.

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Payroll Management

stop worrying about processing payroll on-time and let our team make payday better for you.

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Employee Onboarding

make hiring new employees an exciting experience all around with our paperless employee onboarding.

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Recruiting & Management

we will attract and retain the right talent that fits your non-profit organization.

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HR Compliance

with the additional policies and procedures that come with a non-profit, have hr guides that are experts in this field.

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Employee Benefits

we can provide top group health insurance options and employee benefits packages within your tight budget constraints.

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Join hundreds of small businesses who are getting better payroll support

Payroll does not have to be so complicated. We can help you simplify the process.

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Small businesses work with big companies because they don’t realize better options exist

You did what you thought you were supposed to. You signed up with one of the big national payroll companies. They sold you on great support and then you never saw your sales rep again

Most small businesses need two things from their payroll provider:

  1. A fast response when they have a problem.
  2. Easy to use software that isn’t a “one-size fits all”

That’s why we built guHRoo

to give small businesses a solution that was built just for them. A solution to help you grow. In the last eight years, we have helped more than 500 small businesses automate their payroll and HR. I’d love for you to give us a try and experience the guHRoo difference


Matt Vaadi

CEO & Founder of Guhroo