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Team building activities are essential for nonprofits, where effective collaboration and resourcefulness are crucial. These activities, aimed at enhancing teamwork and efficiency, are not only enjoyable but also vital for strengthening relationships among team members. Engaging in these games allows nonprofit staff to discover and utilize each other’s strengths and weaknesses, improving their communication and cooperative skills.

For nonprofits, often operating on tight budgets and with smaller teams, team building exercises are extremely beneficial. These activities offer an innovative way to encourage collaboration and instill a sense of unity among employees. Whether conducted in-person or online, these interactive and fun exercises provide a welcome change from daily routines, contributing to a more vibrant and connected workplace.

Team Building Activities for Nonprofits

If you’re planning a team building event for your nonprofit, here are ten great game ideas to try:

  1. Charades: An evergreen game, charades can be modified for team building by creating small groups that act out given prompts for others to guess. This encourages communication, teamwork, and a bit of laughter.
  2. The Marshmallow Challenge: This game tests creativity and team problem-solving skills. Using spaghetti, string, and marshmallows, teams compete to build the tallest structure, making it an ideal activity for groups of all sizes.
  3. Escape Room: In this challenge, teams are either physically locked in a room or placed in a virtual setting and must solve puzzles to escape. It promotes creative thinking, teamwork, and gives a sense of achievement upon completion.
  4. Trivia: Organizing a trivia contest can get everyone involved. Teams compete against each other in answering questions, fostering cooperation and knowledge sharing in a friendly competitive atmosphere.
  5. Blindfolded Obstacle Course: This activity requires teams to navigate a course blindfolded, relying heavily on communication and trust.
  6. Human Knot: Suitable for any group size, this game involves participants untangling themselves from a knot without releasing each other’s hands, promoting cooperation and communication.
  7. Scavenger Hunt: A traditional team-building activity where teams work together to find items or solve puzzles, enhancing teamwork and problem-solving abilities.
  8. Laser Tag: An exciting game that requires strategy, communication, and teamwork, ideal for getting the team moving and collaborating.
  9. Minute to Win It: Based on the popular game show, teams face a series of challenges within a limited time, encouraging quick thinking, communication, and team collaboration.
  10. Balloon Tower: Teams must build the tallest tower using balloons and other materials, fostering creativity and teamwork.


These are just a few suggestions for team building activities for nonprofits. With some creativity, numerous other games can be tailored to fit your nonprofit’s culture and goals, boosting team dynamics in an engaging way.

For nonprofits, HR’s role extends beyond basic tasks like hiring and onboarding. It’s also about ensuring employees are engaged and content. Team building games are an effective way to build camaraderie and teamwork.

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