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hr services tailored to the needs of nonprofits. use your time to serve your mission – let us handle hr.

"to have access to a database that gives me access to everything from forms and templates to somebody i can reach out to has been a huge advantage for us as an organization"

brennan aschleman

executive director, daybreak

All of your employee files, payroll, and timekeeping all in one easy-to-use HR portal.

Keep your people around with seamless new hire onboarding.

Offer competitive, affordable benefits to attract and retain talent.

Keep your business compliant with a dedicated HR business partner.

Get access to HR tools like free, customizable templates.

Nonprofit HR solutions that fit your needs

simple payroll


/ month
plus $5 per person per payroll

Plan details:

  • online payroll
  • dedicated payroll specialist
  • online pay stubs
  • state and federal tax filing
  • direct deposit
  • online reporting
payroll plus


/ month
plus $5 per person per payroll

Plan details:

  • everything in simple payroll +
  • employee onboarding
  • e-sign I9 and W4
  • online timekeeping
  • time off management
  • online employee files
executive payroll & HR


/ pepm*
per employee per month*

Plan details:

  • everything in payroll plus +
  • dedicated HR business partner
  • unlimited HR q&a
  • unlimited custom documents
  • HR audit and action plan
  • online training module
concierge HR


/ pepm*
per employee per month*

Plan details:

  • everything in executive payroll & HR +
  • access to exclusive health benefits
  • access to exclusive 401k
  • composite rate health plans (no age-banding)
  • full benefits administration
  • COBRA administration

Join dozens of other nonprofits getting better HR support, offering competitive benefits, simplifying their payroll, and saving money.

Take back your time and get back to serving your mission. We’ll handle HR.

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HR, benefits, and payroll with a purpose

guHRoo is your ally for change. Five percent of our company goes to charity - three percent of our revenue, one percent of our time, and one percent of our resources. Check out a few of the amazing organizations we support below.

Save money with nonprofit payroll services

save money on employee-related expenses

We know that budgets are tight for nonprofits. We handle HR, payroll, and benefits so that you don’t have to hire several in-house employees to handle your employee management.

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Experience an easy-to-use, automated HR portal

all of your HR files and timekeeping data lives in one user-friendly HR portal. Give your employees access to all of their data with just a few clicks.

guhRoo's nonprofit payroll services Columbia SC

keep your organization complaint and avoid fines

generating detailed reports for board members, donors, and regulatory bodies often requires manual effort and is prone to errors. let our experts help you stay compliant.

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personalized support from local nonprofit hr experts that know you by name

No one likes waiting on hold with large, national call-centers? Get personal support from a local HR expert who knows you and your business.

resources for nonprofits

Join hundreds of nonprofits and small businesses building a better company culture with the help of our hr guHRoos.

You did what you thought you were supposed to. You signed up with one of the big national payroll companies. They sold you on great support and then you never saw your sales rep again

Most small businesses need two things from their payroll provider:

  1. You can’t attract and retain top talent without a well-developed company culture.
  2. You can’t create one without the help of a dedicated HR guide.

That’s why we built guHRoo

to give small businesses a solution that was built just for them. A solution to help you grow. In the last eight years, we have helped more than 500 small businesses automate their payroll and HR. I’d love for you to give us a try and experience the guHRoo difference


Matt Vaadi

CEO & Founder of Guhroo


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between nonprofit HR and for-profit HR?

Nonprofits are held to the same employment regulation standards, but their daily HR functions differ. Nonprofit HR differences include special recruitment needs, project-based staffing, high turnover rates and more. Plus, nonprofits have limited resources, making HR more of a challenge.

How does payroll and taxes differ for nonprofits?

The main difference in payroll and tax operations for nonprofits is the 990 Form that needs to be submitted annually. Our experts can help with tax items like this to keep your nonprofit compliant.

how many employees does your average client have?

we have companies on our systems ranging from one to 10,000 employees but our sweet spots vary based on the solution.

for example; our Executive Payroll & HR model might be the perfect fit for a 25-employee company with no internal HR resources and also a great fit for a 200-employee company that only has one HR person and needs some supplemental help and systems. We pride ourselves on meeting you at your point of need and not selling you things you don’t need.

what makes you different?

three things combined make us different. our “high-tech, high-touch” support model, combined with our Mission (we give 5% of our company away to non-profits that support the homeless and education), and our collaborative HR model allows us to become an extension of your team. we take the HR burden off your plate in an elegant and unique fashion. you wrap all of that up with a 97% client satisfaction rate and a NPS of over 70, and we are tough to beat!

do I have to outsource everything?

no, you choose the different HR solutions that make sense for your company. At any point, we can adjust your outsourcing services to ensure your HR needs are effectively covered.

we pride ourselves on providing solutions that scale with businesses. If you are ten employees when you start and need a fully outsourced HR department, and then scale to 100 people with a FT internal HR team, you can change to a SaaS model and keep your same systems in place.

is my HR support team local?

that depends on where you are! If you are in SC – yes, your team is located right here in Columbia, South Carolina and is available during normal office business hours.

if you are in another state, your team is a quick Zoom, telephone call, or chat away. We pride ourselves on being a “national company with a local feel”.

how does customer support work?

you get a dedicated team to handle your account. depending on your solution, this could include a dedicated HR Business Partner and a dedicated Payroll Guide. You can call, email or directly chat with us for any of your payroll or HR needs. All of our implementations are overseen by our Director of Client Success to make sure your experience is as smooth as possible.

are employees allowed to contact the support team?

If you are on one of our outsourced HR models: yes! Our team of HR experts works directly with the employees so the business owner does not have to be the middleman. We can answer everything from simple questions (how to reset a password) to being there as a resource when your team just needs someone from HR to talk to.