What are the New SC Unemployment Insurance Rules for Employers?

what are the new sc unemployment insurance rules for employers

NEW SC Unemployment Insurance Rules

The South Carolina Department of Employment and Workforce just announced two important updates for employers relating to unemployment insurance benefits.

Update #1
It stated that you will be required to provide a notification to employees who lost their employment due to COVID-19.

Here is what you will need to provide: SC Notification of the Availability of Unemployment Insurance Benefits.

Update #2
Individuals who have turned down offers of suitable work are not eligible for unemployment benefits during that week. If you have offered an individual a job and they refused, it is important for you to report the incident.

This Refusal of Job Offer Guide provides screenshots and instructions to help you through the process.

Or you can submit an Offer of Work Form (UCB-261) to the address below.

This process ensures that only eligible individuals receive unemployment benefits and helps minimize tax rates for all businesses.

S.C. Department of Employment and Workforce
Attn: Offers of Work
P.O. Box 995
Columbia, SC 29202

While many employees in South Carolina will be relieved and excited to return to the security of long-term employment, we know there will be some who still have barriers, such as childcare, that will prevent them from immediately returning to work. We also know there will be those who prefer – for various reasons – to continue collecting unemployment insurance even though they could, and should, return to work. If you are experiencing this, contact us and we can help guide you through the specific situation.

Also, this is a question that has come up a lot recently –> What do I do if my employees don’t feel safe returning to work? Here are your options.

employees not wanting to return to work


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