What Does it Mean to Outsource HR?

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what does it mean to outsource hr

HR Outsourcing

Reasons to Outsource HR

Owning a small business is a constant balancing act. Your workdays are filled with a million and one different tasks before you even start looking at what your company offers. Without a full-time HR manager, you are now faced with all your HR problems. How are you supposed to onboard new employees, implement timekeeping services, maintain government compliance, and answer all your employees’ HR questions on top of running your business? When you outsource HR, you can confidently hand off your HR problems and focus on what really matters – your company.

Employee Onboarding

One of the most important components of owning a business is having a strong team behind you. Your employees are crucial to your success. Employee retention has been proven to be much higher when employees have a strong onboarding process. By choosing to outsource HR, you will have a team devoted to not only finding the best candidates for your company but also onboarding them onto your team. Throughout your employee’s careers within your company, the HR team will be there to help. You will no longer have to worry about how to onboarding new teammates, our HR experts know the best ways to onboard.

HR Compliance

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There are thousands of changes to HR regulations every single year. FLSA releases its changes every single year. Trying to keep up with the regulations of being an employer and performing tax filing yourself is a sure-fire way to put your company in harm’s way. You can rely on professional staff, proven technology and systems for accurate, on-time payroll processing, employee file management, and all your local, state and federal reporting. HR experts stay informed on all changes in government regulations related to employer responsibilities and payroll taxes, so you don’t have to. This will keep your business in compliance.


Clocking in and out of a job is always a pain. We have all experienced that moment in the middle of the day when you realize you forgot to clock in. Instead of having your managers constantly handling their team’s time tracking, outsource timekeeping to HR professionals like guHRoo (formerly ERG). HR professionals will implement timekeeping software and track employee time so that pay periods are always a breeze.

Benefit/Admin Services

Business owners are expected to be experts in their field, but not necessarily experts on everything else. By outsourcing HR, you gain a team of HR experts who can answer any and all questions about benefits and admin services. Not only can we help you choose your benefit plans, but we can help answer any questions you or your team might have. Your dedicated HR team will create unlimited custom policies and HR documents including an employee handbook, job descriptions, and more.

Considering outsourcing your HR but are you not sure where to start? Let us help, we provide comprehensive HR outsourcing solutions so you can focus on growing your business.


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