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One of the three components of guHRoo’s Mission is to provide more value than you pay for. If you are not a client of guHRoo, you get much more value with these free HR templates and free HR forms. Whether you are looking for performance review templates, ACA compliance assistance, or employee filing checklists, you can find it here. Sign up for our newsletter, and we will let you know when a new template is added.

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Ultimate Employee Onboarding Guide for Small Business

How do you approach employee onboarding at your business?

When new employees show up for the first day on the job, are you ready to go with everything they need, or are you scrambling around last minute for paperwork, a set of keys, and a spare desk?

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Pre-First Day Onboarding Checklist

New employees aren’t the only ones who need to be prepared for Day 1 at a new job.

An employee’s first day isn’t just about receiving a handbook copy and getting assigned a desk. It’s a chance for employers to boost overall employee retention and productivity

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1095-C Guide

Free HR Forms: Reporting Code Guide for Form 1095-C

This handy guide will give you a simple breakdown of the following lines and the applicable codes to save you time and resources when trying to maintain compliance with ACA reporting.

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Onboarding Scavenger Hunt Template

Companies that use onboarding gamification have 36% higher employee retention than those that don't.

How do you want your employees to feel about your company when they begin their career there? Do you want to be a fun place to work that is different?

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Performance Review

Free Freeform Employee Performance Review Template

Save time and improve your performance review process with this free template.

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Employee Records

This Free Employee Records Filing Checklist Will Save You Thousands

Get your free Employee Records Filing Checklist with a simple breakdown of all document storage requirements for your company. You can maintain HR compliance and avoid penalties for improper employee document storage

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Independent Contractor vs Employee Test

How to Determine if You Should Classify as an Employee or Contractor

This free Employee vs Contractor test will help you to determine if your employees are properly classified. The test provides detailed information on the exemption from minimum wage and overtime pay provided by the FLSA.

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FLSA Checklist

Free FLSA checklist

This checklist will help you make sure you’ve got everything you need when making changes to comply with flsa

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Anti-Harassment Policy Checklist

This is great to use to review and update your current anti-harassment policy.

Get Your Anti-harassment Policy Checklist here

Developing and implementing a strong anti-harassment policy is crucial to creating a safe workplace.

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Employer Mandate Guide

What does the Employer Mandate mean to you?

Get Your Free Guide to Navigating the Employer Mandate.

Download your free guide to the Employer Mandate with a simple breakdown of the requirements for your company.

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Year-End HR Checklist

Don't drop the ball on important HR tasks at the end of the year.

Get Your Free Year-End HR Checklist Now.

This checklist includes payroll, HR, benefits and overall tasks that have to be completed by year-end.

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New Employee Orientation Checklist

On an employee’s first day, it’s easy to forget a required notice or form.

Get Your Free Orientation Checklist Now.

This checklist aims to make the new employee orientation process a little easier and more organized.

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Job Candidate Rejection Letter

Communicate with all applicants including past candidates in the hiring process.

Get Your Job Candidate Rejection Letter Now.

After interviewing someone and finding they won’t work for your organization, send this letter.

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FLSA Changes: Decision-Making Guide

Know what decisions you have to make for the FLSA changes.

Get Your FLSA Changes: Decision Making Guide Now.

There are many decisions with the new FLSA changes and this guide will help you make these.

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Disciplinary Action Form

Document the performance issues or conduct violations of your employees.

Get Your Disciplinary Action Form Now.

This form will help managers document disciplinary actions for employees.

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SC New Hire Packet

Reporting a new hire in SC

Get Your SC New Hire Packet

This includes all the forms you need to onboard a new hire in the State of South Carolina.

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NC New Hire Packet

Reporting a new hire in NC

Get Your NC New Hire Packet

This includes all the forms you need to onboard a new hire in the state of North Carolina.

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NY New Hire Packet

Reporting a new hire in NY

Get Your NY New Hire Packet

This includes the forms you need to onboard a new hire in the state of New York in addition to the New Employee Orientation Checklist and the Group Health Plan Notices Guide.

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Remote Work Guide

Manage A Remote Workforce

Get Your FREE Remote Work Guide.

Managing a remote workforce comes with its own set of challenges. Our Remote Work Guide helps you navigate those challenges.

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Performance Review Packet

Request A FREE Performance Review Packet

The development and communication of accurate, comprehensive performance reviews can significantly increase an employee’s motivation and in turn their performance.

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Basics Of Creating A Training Program

Request A FREE Guide To Create A Training Program

To be effective, you need to have a training program. Training is crucial to the success of your employees—and your organization!

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