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Together We Can Make An Even Bigger World Of Difference

"to have access to a database that gives me access to everything from forms and templates to somebody i can reach out to has been a huge advantage for us as an organization"

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executive director, daybreak

Spend time on your cause, not on HR

Don’t volunteer your time to HR when you can make more of a purpose focused on what you do best – giving. Our HR Guides are mission-based, so we understand the passion you have to make a difference. From employee onboarding, compliance, payroll and benefits, we can be the HR team you have dreamed of without the nightmare of breaking the budget.

Make a good call

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Value comes in different forms, especially for non-profits

Non-profits rely on community awareness, fundraising and most of all the heart and soul of the mission. When the heart and soul are focused on endless HR tasks because the budget doesn’t allow for an internal HR department, that is where our HR Guides come in. Did you know that outsourcing your HR can cost more than 50% less than an internal HR position or department?

Calculate the cost of your time that is dedicated solely on payroll and HR, then calculate the value this time would have being spent on where it should be, the mission. Making big decisions and commitments such as outsourcing HR can be hard to justify, but the impact it can have for you, your team and the mission is far greater than the monetary investment.

make a good call

Payroll & HR Services With A Purpose

guHRoo Payroll & HR is a mission-first company.

We started guHRoo (formerly ERG) to make a difference in the communities of our clients. We give 3% of ALL revenue to local schools and non-profits. We also give 1% of our time and 1% of our product.

When added together guHRoo (formerly ERG) Payroll & HR Services strives to give 5% of revenue back to the community. We believe business is about more than profit.

Make a good call

We’re On A Mission

As a mission-first company, we have been focused on providing non-profits with trusted and reliable HR solutions for many years.

You focus on doing good, while we handle the HR.

  • Support You Need

    Have an actual team of HR Guides available that you can rely on without the wait times and time differences.

    Meet Your HR Guides
  • HR Compliance

    With the additional policies and procedures that come with a non-profit, have HR Guides that are experts in this field.

    More About HR Compliance
  • Payroll Management

    Stop worrying about processing payroll on-time and let our team make payday better for you.

    More About Payroll Management
  • Employee Benefits

    We can provide top group health insurance options and employee benefits packages within your tight budget constraints.

    More About Employee Benefits

Join dozens of other nonprofits saving time, money, and simplifying their hr.

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Join hundreds of nonprofits and small businesses building a better company culture with the help of our payroll guHRoos.

You did what you thought you were supposed to. You signed up with one of the big national payroll companies. They sold you on great support and then you never saw your sales rep again

Most small businesses need two things from their payroll provider:

  1. You can’t attract and retain top talent without a well-developed company culture.
  2. You can’t create one without the help of a dedicated HR guide.

That’s why we built guHRoo

to give small businesses a solution that was built just for them. A solution to help you grow. In the last eight years, we have helped more than 500 small businesses automate their payroll and HR. I’d love for you to give us a try and experience the guHRoo difference


Matt Vaadi

CEO & Founder of Guhroo


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between nonprofit payroll and for-profit payroll?

Nonprofit payroll and for-profit payroll are similar in basic compliance with payroll laws, but they differ mainly due to the unique nature of nonprofit organizations:

1. Tax-Exempt Status: Many nonprofits are tax-exempt under IRS code 501(c)(3), but this doesn’t exempt them from withholding payroll taxes from employees’ wages.

2. Unrelated Business Income Tax (UBIT): Nonprofits may be subject to UBIT for income from business activities unrelated to their tax-exempt purpose, adding complexity to their financial management.

3. Funding Constraints: Nonprofits often rely on grants and donations, which may come with restrictions on how much can be spent on salaries and wages, making payroll management more complex.

5. Reporting Requirements: Nonprofits may have additional reporting requirements, especially if they receive government funding, impacting how payroll data is managed and reported.

In essence, while the mechanics of processing payroll are similar, nonprofits face unique challenges and considerations, particularly in terms of funding restrictions, tax-exempt status implications, and reporting requirements.

do I have to outsource everything?

no, you choose the different payroll solutions that make sense for your company. At any point, we can adjust your outsourcing services to ensure your needs are effectively covered.

we pride ourselves on providing solutions that scale with businesses. If you have ten employees when you start and then scale to 100 people, you can adjust your services with your needs.

is my payroll support team local?

that depends on where you are! If you are in SC – yes, your team is located right here in Columbia, South Carolina and is available during normal office business hours.

if you are in another state, your team is a quick Zoom, telephone call, or chat away. We pride ourselves on being a “national company with a local feel”.