The Perfect New Employee First Day Checklist

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The Perfect New Employee First Day Checklist | Guhroo

Nearly 50% of employees know within the first 10 days whether they will be looking for a new job in the next 18 months. 

Think about that for a moment. How critical are those first 10 days? Very critical to about half of your staff. So let’s make sure we set people up for success with the perfect first day.

This post will walk you through an agenda to create an awesome first day for your new teammate, along with a new employee first day checklist of things to make it exciting and fun for everyone involved. 

Let’s dive in to help you engage, retain, and grow your number one asset: your people.

  • Personalized Welcome

First impressions matter, especially for a new hire. Here’s how to make a new hire feel welcome:

  1. Welcome Kit: Provide a welcome kit with company swag, including a t-shirt and other branded items.
  2. Handwritten Note: Include a handwritten welcome note to make them feel at home.
  3. Decorations: Decorate their workspace with a welcome sign, small plants, or fun desk accessories.
  4. Team Welcome: Send an email to the team introducing the new hire and encourage everyone to welcome them.
  5. Welcome Event: Organize a welcome breakfast, coffee, or virtual meet-up with icebreaker questions to foster initial connections.

The Perfect New Employee First Day Checklist | Guhroo

2. Smooth Onboarding

Onboarding should be structured and clear:

  1. Onboarding Schedule: Have a structured onboarding schedule covering training, key meetings, and breaks for the first 30, 60, and 90 days.
  2. Technology Setup: Ensure all technology and work tools are set up before the new hire’s first day.
  3. Role Overview: Provide a clear understanding of their role, responsibilities, and immediate goals.
  4. One-on-Ones: Schedule regular one-on-one meetings with their manager to discuss expectations, goal setting, and performance management.

3. Engaging Start

An engaging start includes:

  1. Executive Interaction: Have an executive, like the CEO, sit down with the new hire to discuss the company mission, vision, and values.
  2. Storytelling: Share stories that illustrate the company values and how they are recognized in the workplace.
  3. Tour: Give a tour of the physical and virtual workspace, showing important areas like restrooms, coffee stations, and supply rooms.

4. Social Integration

Social integration is critical:

  1. Team Lunch or Happy Hour: Organize a team lunch or happy hour to facilitate informal interactions and help the new hire bond with the team.
  2. Icebreaker Activities: Use icebreaker activities to help team members get to know each other better.
  3. One-on-One Meetings: Encourage team members to set up short, informal meetings with the new hire to foster connections.

The Perfect New Employee First Day Checklist | Guhroo

5. Continuous Support

Support should extend beyond the first day:

  1. Buddy System: Assign a mentor or buddy who cannot influence the new hire’s pay or performance, providing a safe space for questions and concerns.
  2. Regular Check-ins: Schedule regular check-ins to ensure the new hire feels comfortable and supported.
  3. Open Feedback Loop: Create an open feedback loop for ongoing development and growth.


Creating a perfect first day involves personalized welcomes, smooth onboarding, engaging starts, social integration, and continuous support. By following this guide, you can create positive emotions around your organization, driving up employee retention and engagement.


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