Why Outsource HR? The Top 5 Reasons

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Does it Make Sense for Your Business to Outsource HR?

We know business owners wear many hats. Trying to decide what you are going to manage yourself and what to outsource can be a challenge for small business owners. Every day you have a new fire to put out, something new to learn, and a million different things pulling at your attention. Managing a business requires balancing customer service, quality control, accounting, cash flow, time, human resources, deadlines, and planning for the future. This will have you asking the question; why outsource HR?

The interesting thing about the human resources component of your business is that your team can be your biggest asset and your biggest liability when not handled properly. All of the administrative work, processing, compliance updates, and information can be hard to keep up with and can create tremendous challenges for a small business. When there aren’t enough hours in the day or people to do the work, it’s time to seriously consider outsourcing.  

We believe successful business owners focus on what they do best, and rely on outside experts and consultants to provide professional, cost-effective business services.

Why Outsource HR?

Why outsource HR

  • Save time. Let’s think about this simply; if a company focuses on doing something all day every day and they handle your HR for you, they can do it faster and more cost effectively than you. This also puts time back in your day to focus on more strategic elements of HR like recruiting, team building, and developing your culture.
  • Increased Employee Satisfaction and Retention With more efficient employee onboarding, your new employees will appreciate your professionalism. When employees feel valued, they’re more productive and committed to your business. HR professionals can manage job applications and the onboarding of new employees with user-friendly, online tools for a seamless process.
  • Save money. Outsourcing your HR gives you more time to focus on your customers and managing efficiencies in all aspects of your business. Better employee retention means less time and money spent on training a high turnover workforce. With outsourced HR, you won’t miss filing deadlines and you won’t pay penalties. HR professionals will be on top of all deadlines.
  • Access to Expertise. With a Dedicated Account Support, you have direct access to a trusted advisor to quickly resolve current issues or to discuss options for future planning. We manage HR for clients across all types of business and consider ourselves a partner with our clients.
  • Compliance Every employer needs to know about any requirements that go beyond federal law. By outsourcing HR, HR professionals can focus on compliance issues that might face your company, giving you the ease of mind you need moving forward on your everyday processes.


What HR Services Can You Get With guHRoo (formerly ERG)?

  • Payroll Services include proven technology, online time-keeping, direct deposit, user-friendly entry, full online employee records, and our local Payroll Specialist support. guHRoo (formerly ERG) prepares all local, state and federal payroll reports and makes tax payments.
  • Benefits/Insurance Admin Services. As a business owner, you don’t have to be an expert in benefits and health insurance options. Let guHRoo (formerly ERG) be the expert for both you and your employees. Employees appreciate access to guHRoo (formerly ERG) staff for their questions.
  • Employee Onboarding Services. ERG Onboarding is an easy, comprehensive, online sign-up that’s part of new employee orientation. New employees are impressed with professional onboarding. Employees appreciate the complete guHRoo (formerly ERG) online system with employees files, surveys, goal and assessment tools.
  • Dedicated Account Support. guHRoo (formerly ERG) dedicated account support is from local staff who know your business. guHRoo (formerly ERG) provides expert advice when you need it–from simple questions to real-time problem solving, to planning growth and changes, guHRoo (formerly ERG) is there for you and your employees.

Want to learn more about how we help small businesses do more with less, maintain compliance, and grow with purpose? Check out our HR outsourcing solutions.


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