Remote Work Bingo Template: Small Business Team Building Activity

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Remote Work Bingo

As many businesses continue to have their employees work remotely, it is more important than ever to create ways to motivate and excite your team. Keeping your company culture alive is challenging to many when the entire workforce is not together in the office. But, there are ways that you can create team bonding and generate excitement with simple activities. This remote work bingo activity is a great way to motivate and excite your virtual team.


This Remote Work Bingo template is a great activity to present to your employees that will both increase productivity and generate excitement. In addition, this transition to working from home may overlook some of the basics that your employees should be doing regularly for both themselves, their co-workers, and their clients/customers. This Bingo brings that back to life.

Here is how you can make this bingo as productive and effective as possible.

  1. Schedule a virtual meeting on a Monday morning to tell your employees about this activity. Telling them in person rather than in an email can create added excitement.
  2. Each employee must complete EACH square to win and must provide proof that each was done. This can be with pictures, screenshots, etc.
  3. The first to complete each square receives a prize. The incentive of a prize will make the game more competitive and successful. Some ideas of prizes are:

– An extra day of PTO or vacation day
– Half-day on Friday
– Gift card – Amazon, their favorite restaurant, local attraction, delivery service.
– Lunch delivered to their house


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