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    Exploring the Nationwide FTC Ban on Noncompetes

    On April 23, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) rolled out a nationwide ban on noncompete agreements. This significant decision is poised to dramatically increase career mobility and drive innovation across industries. What Changed? Noncompete [...]

  • Staff PEO for nonprofits of guHRoo

    Comparison: Managing HR In-House vs. Outsourcing to a PEO for nonprofits

    As a nonprofit leader, you're on a mission to make a difference, driven by passion and a vision for a better world. Yet, the administrative burdens of managing HR tasks—from payroll and benefits administration to [...]

  • Daily activities to improve your health and well being featured

    Daily activities to improve your health and well-being

    OVERVIEW We all owe it to ourselves and our teammates to strive to be our best day in and day out. Ever feel totally beat at the end of a long day at the office? [...]

  • Why you’ll love our HR services for Nonprofits Featured

    Nonprofits: Here’s why you’ll love outsourced HR services

    For nonprofit organizations, managing Human Resources (HR) efficiently is crucial, yet often challenging due to limited resources. HR functions as the core link between staff, management, and the overarching mission, handling critical tasks like staff [...]

  • Payroll Outsourcing Costs for Nonprofits Featured

    Payroll Outsourcing Costs for Nonprofits

    Outsourcing payroll management is a crucial decision for nonprofit organizations, particularly given their unique financial constraints and staffing challenges. In this blog post, we delve into the nuances of payroll outsourcing for nonprofits, discussing average [...]

  • team building activities non profits

    Team Building Activities for Nonprofits

    Team building activities are essential for nonprofits, where effective collaboration and resourcefulness are crucial. These activities, aimed at enhancing teamwork and efficiency, are not only enjoyable but also vital for strengthening relationships among team members. [...]

  • Avoiding Common HR Fines A Guide to Nonprofit HR Compliance

    Avoiding Common HR Fines: A Guide to Nonprofit HR Compliance

    Navigating the complex maze of local, state, and federal HR regulations is vital for nonprofits to prevent costly fines. A strategic approach to nonprofit HR compliance involves appointing dedicated HR professionals who can establish clear [...]

  • HR Advice for Nonprofits Answering your Top Payroll and HR Questions

    HR Advice for Nonprofits: Answering your Top Payroll and HR Questions

    Do you have HR queries specific to nonprofits and struggle to find reliable answers? We’ve got some HR advice for you. We specialize in guiding nonprofits through their unique HR challenges. While we encounter a [...]

  • Volunteer Management Strategies for Nonprofit Success

    Volunteer Management Strategies for Nonprofit Success

    Volunteers are the lifeblood of many nonprofit organizations. They bring passion, energy, and invaluable skills to help you achieve your mission, often without expecting anything in return. Managing a successful volunteer program, however, can be [...]

  • Nonprofit Employee Retention Strategies for Long Term Success

    Nonprofit Employee Retention: Strategies for Long-Term Success

    Effective employee retention is a critical aspect of building and maintaining a successful nonprofit organization. By cultivating a stable and committed workforce, nonprofits can not only minimize the costly and time-consuming process of employee turnover [...]

I have worked with guHRoo (formerly ERG) for almost 3 years and they have been very responsive as well as diligent in taking care of our payroll and HR needs. I would highly recommend them!
Dr. Travis Mize, Sunset Periodontics
The team are responsive and engaged as the payroll and HR support team for our company.
Ken Tamsin, CEO, Southern Community Services
I have trusted guHRoo (formerly ERG) with my business for over 3 plus years and have been very pleased. Our previous big company had issue after issue that they would then charge us to fix their problems. They are always quick to respond, willing to get the job done right how you want it and as quickly as possible. We were lucky to find guHRoo (formerly ERG)!
Dr. Trent Gillespie, Owner, Wm. Trent Gillespie, DMD

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