How Do You Motivate Your Employees?

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how do you motivate your employees

Motivating Your Employees

Motivated employees are the difference between success and failure. You’re passionate about your mission and vision, but that doesn’t mean your team is. Motivation is something you have to intentionally create an environment for.

Whether you’re trying to find a way to turn things around or you just want to keep building an already highly motivated team, this episode is for you. It’s short, sweet, and full of counterintuitive insights on how to solve a leader’s most important puzzle – motivating employees. 

Some of the things in this episode:

  • The #1 myth about employee motivation 
  • Where true motivation comes from (hint: it’s not salary or benefits)
  • The best way to inspire a high-potential employee who is disengaged
  • Why you can’t actually motivate anyone (and what to focus on instead)
  • What to do when an employee comes to you with a bad idea

And more.

Listen to the episode on HR. Simplified.

Motivating Employees Podcast #2

About the podcast

HR. Simplified. is a podcast for small business owners—the entrepreneurs, the hustlers, and the leaders who are chasing a dream.

Human resources is the most important, misunderstood, and overlooked aspect of small business success. This podcast is designed to give you the insights, best practices, and answers to questions you need to expertly navigate this critical function. 

If you want your dreams to come true, you’re going to need a great team. HR. Simplified. gives you the tools to find, build, and keep that team.

About the host

Matt Vaadi is a human resources expert and serial entrepreneur. He’s the founder and CEO of guHRoo (formerly ERG) Payroll & HR, a company that helps small businesses streamline and automate their HR function. He’s also the founder and CEO of Grow by guHRoo (formerly ERG), a digital marketing and SEO shop, as well as a founding member of GrowCo, and Columbia, SC-based collective of business owners and co-founders. 

About the guest 

Nathan Christiansen is the CEO of ThinkHR and Mammoth HR, companies that deliver HR on-demand services to over 300,000 small and mid-size businesses nationwide. Nathan has been named a “Game Changer” in the HR field by Workforce magazine and was selected by the Portland Business Journal as a member of the “Forty Under 40” class. Nathan has also served as an adjunct professor at Lewis & Clark Law School and as a visiting lecturer at The Wharton School of Business. Based in Portland, Oregon, Nathan holds degrees from Stanford University and The University of Chicago Law School.

Watch the full episode by clicking here: A video discussion on how to motivate your employees



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